The Lee Brothers as The Hitachin Twins


The Lee Brothers as The Hitachin Twins

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Siwon on set w/ Jackie Chan filming ‘Dragon Blade’

140723 Henry’s Real Music: You, Fantastic - Episode 3: Fantastic (String Quartet Ver.)

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You analyzed Sungmin and Leeteuk personalities what about Donghae? and is 7Jib happening in August?
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7JIB will possible happen in the end of Aug or September^^ No date has been confirmed yet but the boys/sm said it would be between those two months.

I always wished that I knew Super Junior personally because I kind of want to reassure myself if I am actually having it spot on with their personality XD

I spend my fangirling time learning and watching Super Junior members personality, particularly because I find it very interesting. And I think them of my friends when I read about them, and often imagine how they would be like when you hang around with them.

But yeah here goes my analysis of Donghae:

I would say Donghae feels empty a lot, it is why he can’t be alone for a long time, he doesn’t feel complete without someone, so he depends on his members a lot (not only just Eunhyuk).

I think he feels empty when he is alone and thinks about lots of depressing things when he is alone so when someone is with him it distracts him and makes him happy.

Donghae is in neutral with being outgoing, he would only go out with people he knows, he is a very shy person at first but can become very hyper and affectionate with you if he knows you well.

He used to be an introvert person but I think it changed when he made a real friend (such as Yunho).

I think his emptiness is caused by the event of his dad passing away.

It was one of his dreams to show their first award to his father, but ofc this was never  fulfilled because tragically he died before they got their first award. So I think that’s one of the things on his subconscious mind still lingering with emptiness. He definitely loved his father very much ;;

He needs the constant attention, so he will be loud and hyper around you, because he needs you to acknowledge him. I don’t think he likes feeling left out.

Donghae can be cold though if he doesn’t know you well, but I think this happens towards girls a lot.

Talking about girls I think Donghae has been heartbroken a lot and also failed to get the one he loved. He has mentioned being in one sided love, this could be the reason why he DOESN’T want to fall in love with someone and turns to be cold towards girls.

Because his past events with girls he had fallen for, has hurt him.

But he is a very romantic person, I can see him badly wanting to start a family, because he loves kids so much, and it’s perfect for someone like him since he wants love and affection all the time. For him a motherly like wife would be perfect!

It’s probably why he asks ELF to marry him 24/7 and kisses ELF hands, he is a charming person.

But I think he has an average knowledge of women, but he is so charming that his puppy eyes attracts women and they find him extremely attractive. He has a handsome feel to him. He is probably a typical Woman’s ideal person when they see him.

When Donghae gets angry no one can stop him until he calmed down, I can see him screaming and throwing tantrums (and stuff), I don’t think he has control over his anger once he is in it. He will say some hurtful words that he would regret later on.

I think Donghae gets very emotional when something bad happens to someone he adore, such as a super junior member or a family member. I think he worries a lot and end up being very depressed.

When he is worried about someone he would constantly check up on them, he cares a lot.

Donghae seem to cling around with the members who can handle his overly attention craving feelings, such as Eunhyuk, Siwon and Heechul.

With work Donghae seem to be constantly in thoughts, he is fast paced, he is like in his own world, he do everything according to himself, which is why imo his dancing skills are always unique compared to other members.

Same goes with acting, he lacks a little confidence with acting, but once it’s broken I am sure he will become a great actor^^ Because he has a lot of passion for it. One minus thing though I think he is very afraid of the camera D: Like he can’t relax when someone is filming him.

He also has a lot of passion for Super Junior and ELF.

In my view the reason why Super Junior is still bonded so strong together is because of Donghae. He is like the beating heart (and Leeteuk is like the person who nurtures the body, and Eunhyuk must be the brain etc etc), he wouldn’t allow SJ to disband, because he truly love and adore them and he literally cannot  live a life without SJ and ELF.

Ok this is so long once again TT Honestly whenever I write these things I’m never finished uwu there is much more things to SJ members personality^^ And I discover new ones everyday!

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